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As many as 89 cases of motorcycle snatching were registered in City Division, 81 in Saddar, 56 in Model Town, 54 in Cantonment, 18 in Civil Lines and 17 in Iqbal Town Division.
The residents and consumers had expressed concern over growing incidents of purse and mobile snatching in the posh markets of the city.
According to the details, a specialized team of SIU busted a gang involved in snatching mobile phones and handbags/purse from people present in the streets and road corners.
Even though the quantum of sentence for snatching and wrongful restraint was increased from two to 10 and 14 years respectively in the state, the snatchers go about their business without any fear of the law.
The poverty-stricken people who hardly afford to buy motorbikes are now left at the mercy of criminals who are snatching dozens of motorcycles daily.
The CID officers are now working round the clock to bust gangs involved in bag snatching.
Karachi topped the list of cellphone snatching across the country, a key indicator of street crimes, as more than 200,000 people were deprived of their cell-phones during the last five years.
In the course of the taking" includes an act occurring in an attempt to commit Robbery By Sudden Snatching or in fleeing after the attempt or commission thereof, and means that the act occurred prior to, contemporaneous with, or subsequent to the taking of the property and that the act and the taking of the property constitute a continuous series of acts or events.
He ran into Maes Y Cwm street and then into an alleyway after snatching the bag.
A COUPLE are at the centre of an international police hunt after snatching their baby daughter from social services care.
Snatching doesn't work: it creates more work for repairers and the high replacement cost of a harness is hard on your unit's bottom line.
A chinese anti-smoking activist has brought his unorthodox methods to Hong Kong, snatching cigarettes from unsuspecting locals in an office district, a newspaper reported yesterday.