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Both terms, snatching and carpe diem, involve seizure; one is more of the physical act, while the other is more of a mindset.
It's worth mentioning here that the police investigators have failed to unearth the reasons behind the proportional increase in government vehicles snatching and stealing as around 33 government vehicles had snatched or stolen in a current year from different areas of the metropolis.
Even though the quantum of sentence for snatching and wrongful restraint was increased from two to 10 and 14 years respectively in the state, the snatchers go about their business without any fear of the law.
Karachi topped the list of cellphone snatching across the country, a key indicator of street crimes, as more than 200,000 people were deprived of their cell-phones during the last five years.
15.4 ROBBERY BY SUDDEN SNATCHING [section] 812.131, Fla.
He ran into Maes Y Cwm street and then into an alleyway after snatching the bag.
KIRSTY LAW came close to snatching a medal for Scotland in the Commonwealth Games' first women's weightlifting contest yesterday.
"A while ago The Cry featured a story line about a baby being snatched from hospital and this week we have seen Sonya snatching her baby back.
An unemployed man who was arrested in Osaka Prefecture in August and indicted on theft charges made more than 10 million yen in one year since he began snatching bags last fall, police sources said Wednesday.
A GANG of teenagers on bikes are snatching bags on from shoppers on Dublin Streets.
KARACHI -- In yet another incident of vehicle snatching, armed robbers took away a government-registered car at gunpoint from Defence Housing Authority (DHA) on Monday morning.
He identified motorbike lifting, snatching of mobile phones and cash as three major categories of street crimes that had become a big challenge for law enforcers.