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It's the latter that lets the bike down - the throttle feels snatchy, spoiling the feel of an otherwise strong engine and making it hard to ride.
This genus is closely related to Neobelocera Ding and Yang, 1986 (Chen & Liang 2005), which also feeds on bamboo, but differs in the following: the latter with the antennae markedly flattened, first segment subsagittate, a longitudinal carina down middle, with the apex unequally bifurcate, the inner apical angle much longer than outer apical angle, the postclypeus in profile, apical part of median carina bend at rounded, not angled, the rostrum very short, only reaching mesotrochanters, and the forewing often with snatchy blackish brown markings, in dark portion veins bear white spots.
Coach Ian Smith said: "We were a bit anxious, a bit snatchy really, and we just had critical losses of possession at crucial times.
Usually, there is always something on a motorcycle that bothers you, be it a snatchy throttle, notchy gearbox or heavy clutch.