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Unforgiving suspension coupled with snatchy fuelling and 180 horsepower on a 170kg chassis make this bike just too much hard work on our bumpy roads.
"His two races this term have been silly, short, snatchy races, but he didn't have the hardest of races and as he gets older he needs a proper trip.
I wasn't particularly keen on D mode, as it seemed too quick to change up into the higher gears and was also a little snatchy at low speeds.
I did find a tendency for it to feel a little snatchy now and then, particularly at low speed, but it's nothing too serious.
So it was with some anticipation I swung my leg over the MT-09, particularly since the original bike had poor suspension and snatchy fuelling, and this one had been fitted with cures.
The 1,131cc three-cylinder engine feels as brutal as the bike looks, to the extent that it's even a bit snatchy in the low revs.
All the latest 600cc sports bikes are great, yet there's always something that detracts from perfection - be it a notchy gearbox or snatchy fuel injection.