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What, sneak off and leave five or six million others who haven't had the tip, to see all the fun?
On shipboard he would be a sneak, a whiner, a tattler.
my idea is to sneak around on the other side and take them in flank.
He learned to sneak about camp, to be crafty, to know what was going on everywhere, to see and to hear everything and to reason accordingly, and successfully to devise ways and means of avoiding his implacable persecutor.
Olson told him of how the Germans had returned and waited in ambush for them outside the fort, capturing them that they might be used to assist in the work of refining the oil and later in manning the U-33, and Plesser told briefly of the experiences of the German crew under von Schoenvorts since they had escaped from Caspak months before--of how they lost their bearings after having been shelled by ships they had attempted to sneak farther north and how at last with provisions gone and fuel almost exhausted they had sought and at last found, more by accident than design, the mysterious island they had once been so glad to leave behind.
Snouter the Sneak," replied the Object, with ready invention; "pick-pocket.
And by-the-by,' cried he, as I was leaving the room, 'you'd better tell that d-d old sneak of a nurse to keep out of my way for a day or two; I'd pay her her wages and send her packing to-morrow, but I know she'd do more mischief out of the house than in it.
When he had trussed Tarzan securely, Bukawai went back into the corridor, driving the hyenas ahead of him, and pulling across the opening a lattice of laced branches, which shut the pit from the cave during the night that Bukawai might sleep in security, for then the hyenas were penned in the crater that they might not sneak upon a sleeping Bukawai in the darkness.
Why, that little sneak, Arthur's," replied Williams.
There, you young sneak," said he, giving Arthur a cuff on the head with his other hand; "what made you say that--"
Twa'n't about me, an' 'twa'n't sneak listenin'," bridled Jimmy.
You're the boy, sir,' added John, collaring with one band, and aiding the effect of a farewell bow to the visitor with the other, 'that wants to sneak into houses, and stir up differences between noble gentlemen and their sons, are you, eh?