sneak off

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A teenage juror who halted a trial by pretending he was ill, so he could sneak off to see a stage show in London, has been released from prison.
Yet mismatched birds show quirks that reduce the damage, such as a good sex ratio of nestlings and an extra willingness to sneak off for a quick visit to a member of the right species.
They'll be able to sneak off paying only 20 percent til the year 2000 -- and 18 percent after that.
That makes it very tricky for the factory worker to ask for time off when Belle comes home for a visit, so Lisa asks Kerry to cover for her, and attempts to sneak off to see her daughter.
Another pupil, Martyn (Daniel Brocklebank), suggests Liz, Mike and two other friends bunk off a geography school trip and sneak off to a disused bomb shelter for three days where she'll have a chance to make her move.
The thrashing happened after Robert Adam, headmaster of Kirkcaldy High School, discovered that some boys planned to sneak off to watch Scotland play Italy in a 1966WorldCupqualifying match on television.
ANDY'S grandparents, Shirley and Roy Erskine, had to sneak off at a friend's Golden Wedding to watch him in action.
WHEN the pains became unbearable, Derek Rimmer used to sneak off into the garage and smoke a cannabis cigarette.
One thing leads to another, and the two sneak off to spend the next 24 hours together.
It's not to everyone's liking though, a third of respondents sneak off to their room to watch TV alone and get a breather from the family.
I love to play and I sneak off all the time for a game.
They sneak off to visit the travelling circus, where Hetty is mesmerised by Madame Adeline and her performing horses.