sneak off

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I love to play and I sneak off all the time for a game.
Another pupil, Martyn (Daniel Brocklebank), suggests Liz, Mike and two other friends bunk off a geography school trip and sneak off to a disused bomb shelter for three days where she'll have a chance to make her move.
They sneak off to visit the travelling circus, where Hetty is mesmerised by Madame Adeline and her performing horses.
The thrashing happened after Robert Adam, headmaster of Kirkcaldy High School, discovered that some boys planned to sneak off to watch Scotland play Italy in a 1966WorldCupqualifying match on television.
Mr Brown got the belt from Robert Adam, head of Kirkcaldy High School, after Mr Adam discovered a group of boys planned to sneak off to watch Scotland play Italy in a qualifying game for the 1966 World Cup.
ANDY'S grandparents, Shirley and Roy Erskine, had to sneak off at a friend's Golden Wedding to watch him in action.
WHEN the pains became unbearable, Derek Rimmer used to sneak off into the garage and smoke a cannabis cigarette.
One thing leads to another, and the two sneak off to spend the next 24 hours together.
While Vandergelder visits New York to investigate his potential brides, his clerks Cornelius (an endearing and lively John Bisom) and Barnaby (the frisky Jason Hillhouse), use the opportunity to sneak off as well.
It's not to everyone's liking though, a third of respondents sneak off to their room to watch TV alone and get a breather from the family.