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Prosecution records showed that the waiter sneaked into the hotel's women-only accommodation and started the fire, putting thus the life of another woman, who was sleeping, at risk.
Warning of a looming terror strike on Srinagar, it states that top LeT commanders have sneaked into the city and were conducting recce of strategic locations.
He waited for a guard to leave and sneaked under a rope to hug again.
A 73-YEAR-OLD woman's purse was stolen when a thief sneaked into her Coventry bungalow while she was at home.
The issue bubbled over when Fox sneaked "DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story" over the Sept.
Jack said: "I sneaked into 22 games a year at five shillings each - that's a fair sum.
He allegedly sneaked into a room, molested the woman sleeping there, and moved about in the room leisurely smoking a cigarette.
MADONNA refused to pay a pounds 45,000 hotel bill after a TV crew sneaked into her suite and filmed her loo, it is claimed.