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SNEAKED OUT"They just sneaked out while the watchmen was guarding this institution.
Director, Strategic Communications, APC Presidential Campaign Council, Festus Keyamo, (SAN) in a statement last night claimed that the PDP presidential candidate sneaked into America under a 'special diplomatic waiver'.
The complainant, a 29-year-old housewife, said she was shocked when the defendant sneaked into her bedroom at 3.55am.
A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl sneaked onto a school trip in Manchester and made it almost half way to North Wales before teachers realised she was there.
Carter admitted that she sneaked a bite from the back of a gingerbread White House when her father Jimmy was in the office.
Summary: According to a letter based on intercepts between Pakistani handlers and terrorists the top LeT commanders have sneaked into the city and were conducting recce of strategic locations.
A cheeky Zimbabwean man who allegedly sneaked into a 72-year-old granny's bedroom hut before raping her, was early this week arrested by villagers while stark naked after he fell asleep in his victim's hut.
Summary: The wife of an MP has been caught on CCTV as she sneaked into the home of her husband's mistress to steal a kitten, a jury has heard.
Officers are investigating more and more burglaries where the offenders have sneaked into properties through unlocked doors and windows.
I FOR one wasn't surprised to read that cowardly Nick Clegg sneaked in by the back door instead of facing those outside the Lib Dem Scottish party conference in Perth protesting the cuts imposed by his Tory puppet-masters.
He waited for a guard to leave and sneaked under a rope to hug again.
But a thief sneaked in and stole car keys from the house and then used the keys to steal a Corsa car parked on the drive and other items including a Samsung TV, Nintendo games console, Dell laptop, Kodak camera and jewellery including a wedding ring.