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The reality is that Google Glass is no more an invasion of privacy than a smartphone, but it is a tad sneakier.
We believe that APT groups will evolve to become stealthier and sneakier, in order to better avoid exposure.
The second major policy option, championed by International Monetary Fund economist Olivier Blanchard, is functionally very similar to the negative interest rate proposal, although it's a little sneakier.
Anil believes that some palindromes are sneakier than others.
Because the sneakier lemurs don't have bigger brains than less sneaky ones living in smaller groups, researchers suggest that social smarts don't always depend on brain size.
Underhanded domination of the board on a going-concern basis to beat down the company to a fire sale price is sneakier, more contrived, and less easily foreseen.
7, eschewing more traditional break-in techniques in favor of a less common - and perhaps sneakier - strategy.
Melbourne, November 30( ANI ): A guidebook has suggested some sneakier tricks that will help stop you from being an easy target for thieves while in a hotel room.
It can connect more people and open up the lines of communication, but it can also make it easy for authorities to exert control in sneakier ways.
Although she believes she's meant to be with Michael, as her behaviour gets sneakier and more underhand, the audience becomes less convinced, meaning there's a genuine seed of doubt about how will it all turn out.
The angelic, control freak inside me lives in fear of the weight-gaining chaos that would follow if I gave in to temptation, while my other, sneakier side is delighted at any opportunity to indulge.