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On a sneakier note, the survey showed a third of us use mobiles to conceal our true locations, more than quarter make up last minute excuses on their mobiles to avoid meetings and more than a fifth mislead a family member, partner or friend on the phone, lie to an employer or pretend they are working when they are not.
These purse lifters are getting more experienced and sneakier.
The pop-under is the sneakier relative of the pop-up ad.
She played a sneakier game than he did really, just asking me what I was going to do and what I thought about things.
While those charges are pretty easy to spot and compare from fund to fund, the 12b-1 is a sneakier fee that might creep up on your mutual fund invest creep up on your mutual investment and catch you unawares.
If snails are a problem, control the ones you see by hand-picking; lay chemical bait for the sneakier ones.
Through consumer education and tools, such as McAfee([R]) SiteAdvisor([R]) site ratings, consumers are getting smarter about searching online, yet cybercriminals are getting sneakier in their techniques.
The most common saucy act involved couples entering the lavatory together followed by "lots of banging and squealing," although sneakier activities underneath a blanket were also quite popular, the Herald Sun reported.
Another suggestion was that peripheral vision in stealth games would be mapped to an iPad, allowing players to be sneakier when completing missions.
He's a big player, but it may pay to look for something sneakier.
But Liz and Jim have an even sneakier plan to make sure the Rovers is returned to them.
He adds: "In the first two series, he was coming through his divorce and he threw everything into work, and in this new series, he is a bit sneakier.