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From finding the sneakiest places to stash cheat sheets to mastering the most sophisticated shortcuts available on the Internet, these days there are almost as many ways to cheat as there are cheaters.
He denounced Chancellor Mr Gordon Brown as "the sneakiest and stealthiest Chancellor of all time", accusing him of cutting income tax while "taking far more money in unannounced stealth taxes".
On the Republican side, the candidates scrapped over: 1) Who is the meanest, sneakiest, scumball of a campaigner, and 2) who is the most fervently opposed to Roe v.
Taylor III, the outgoing chair of the ABA Section of Criminal Justice: "Contrary to the popular view, the adversary process is not a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all contest in which the meanest and sneakiest lawyers are the most successful.
The human immunodeficiency virus or HIV, which causes AIDS, may be the sneakiest and most adaptable germ ever to attack humankind.
All potential bidders must have this animal, since it will undoubtedly be the meanest, sneakiest, fence-breakingest, foot-stepping-on-est, most downright dangerous animal they could turn loose on their unsuspecting families and neighbors.
Nash & Zullo's new tome of shameful shenanigans will rank the "Best of the Worst" in a variety of fun-filled categories: The Battiest Batters of All TimeO The Zaniest Pitching PerformancesO The Daffiest CharactersO The Wildest EjectionsO The Sneakiest PranksO The Lamest Excuses for Blowing a PlayO and, to kick off another new baseball season, The Most Embarrassing Moments on Opening Day
sbtcc y If you do have a problem you won't have to ring a number that costs an arm and a leg - phone lines will cost no more than the basic rate, and Pre-ticked boxes - the sneakiest way of getting you to spend your cash without you even noticing.
A ROAD camera in Coventry dubbed "the sneakiest in Britain" has been removed after being vandalised.
The first punch, an update for their own webOS operating system, restored the syncing ability - and in what looks like the sneakiest of ways.
What makes "The Sneakiest Pirates" unique is that Dalton James, its author and illustrator, is a bright, active, and precocious seven year old boy.
Parody is the sneakiest form of flattery," proclaims the Comedy Sage of Calderstones.