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The proposal was one of the sneakiest jobs I've ever seen.
Fox is the sneakiest and most fantastically smart fox around.
Dalton James; THE SNEAKIEST PIRATES; Outskirts Press (Children's Fiction) $10.
Together we would sneak our sneakiest sneaky walk, and get out of the squirrel's range without being horribly mauled.
Just when you think you might be the sneakiest hunter on the planet, a loud, chattering scolding comes from the canopy above.
Gordon Brown's fingerprints are all over the doubling of council tax bills under Labour, making it his sneakiest stealth tax.
I'm sorry, but Colorado's sneakiest elk aren't bright enough to drive a whole subspecies of deer out of their state in a turf war.
The service complements ZoneAlarm's desktop features that prevent identity theft including its world renowned firewall that prevents unauthorized access to your PC, anti-spyware that protects your private information, OSFirewall that blocks even the sneakiest of spyware, anti-span technology that protects against phishing and pharming attacks, and the suite's advanced privacy features.
Of all the cancers that afflict human beings, lung cancer may be the sneakiest and least comprehensible.
In the messiest room of our house, beneath a pile of stolen cereal box prizes, lurks the meanest, sneakiest, most ferocious creature that ever roamed the earth.