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While the Fat Controller had his back turned, the man sneakily shunted Thomas, a coin-operated ride, nearer to the exit to the precinct.
brigade, who are often the ones who sneakily have a peep when no-one is watching.
As a parent I am appalled that my daughter could have access to contraception and abortion without my consent, and indeed, sneakily, behind my back.
These ladies know how to blow the roof off a house with the kind of comedy that is both belly-laugh funny and sneakily subversive.
And although folk might poo-poo the idea of carrying around a four leaf clover or a St Christopher Medal, you can bet they're the same people who avoid walking under a ladder or sneakily chuck salt over their shoulder when it's spilled.
Six schools have begun snapping photographs of guilty offenders sneakily dropping off children on school yellow lines because they can't be bothered to walk just a few yards.
They came over to the weather studio and I was chewing some gum and I had no choice, live on air, but to sneakily turn and spit it out on to the chart where it stuck, looking like some mountain in the middle of the Atlantic.
A bad situation is steadily worsening as the ineffably Reverend Pat Robertson's myrmidons sneakily get themselves elected to school boards (3,000 in the last couple of years).
Maybe they have been sneakily watching the advert because over the past week, they have started bowing at one another, which is fantastic news for our breeding programme.
Just to let you know that despite online protests, exposure on the BBC's Watchdog and my complaints on this page, Sports Direct persists in ringing up extra cash by sneakily adding its PS1 magazine to the bill of online orders.
gg IT'S a bit saucy that Greggs has been sneakily shrinking the size of its pastries and pies after the way the public supported it in its recent battle over the pasty tax.