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That is why he is able to turn perfidiously into wisely, sneakiness into caution, scheming into foresight, treacherously into cunningly, and to define dissimulation as ingenuity rather than hypocrisy.
THEY already hated him with a passion in this neck of the woods as they recalled his wretched sneakiness.
But the sneakiness is a trait coach Andre Matalon has found handy.
Contemporary fables that reflect the bossiness, sneakiness and silliness of our everyday lives from the authors of The Stinky Cheese Man.
That's what the tax and spenders will get for their sneakiness," Sizemore said.
But what we hadn't counted on was the sneakiness of the promoters in slotting in a second, unannounced support act' a female singer called Earth Mother or Willow Weed or some such thing.
Sabotage and sneakiness abound as Steve tries to wreck Mel's business.
Based on the letters I have been reading in Public Forum, is it possible that the people are finally getting mad and fed up with the sneakiness of the Los Angeles Unified School District, with the City Council, with the lying politicians and the courts that seem to want to overthrow any bill voted in by the people?
We can look each other in the eye and speak openly, we don't need any sneakiness.
He called on referee Bernhard Brugger to protect his players from these evil hatchet men and their sinister ways: intimidation, dirty tricks and all-round sneakiness.
River City IN case you haven't had your fill of lust, sneakiness and illicit passion (on TV, that is, your personal life is your own business) River City has Kirsty luring Russ upstairs with the old, "There's a fuse that needs changing" trick.
Scouser Craig was a special guest at Anfield but he was "treated" to a Nasty Nick of a game, full of sneakiness and silly squabbles.