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What distresses me most is when people believe our changes [to privacy controls] are born from malevolence or sneakiness,' says Facebook vice-president Elliot Schrage
At the end of a tournament regularly stained by sneakiness and subterfuge wasn't there at least a certain honesty about Zidane's rough justice?
Lately, my wife has taken to justifying her sneakiness at the thermostat by saying she does it to keep our utility bills down.
It's the sneakiness which is malicious, because in essence, the Treasury Department equated the exporters with terrorists.
This abrupt exposure to the Japanese presented the American people with a very foreign picture of the Japanese man that involved not only ferocity and barbarity, but sneakiness.
Most of the phobics were prepared to try and conquer their fear,and everything from hypnotherapy to just plain medical sneakiness was used to help them.
Because of the subject matter - the misinterpretations, manipulations and generally all the sneakiness that is presented in 'Fabulous Science', it could be inferred that it could be quite a dull read.
Slowly but surely his characterological sneakiness and hidden nastiness came to the fore in therapy, as did accounts of the dysfunctional way he lived his life and related to others.
What we might call perfidiously, he calls wisely; what we might call sneakiness, he calls caution; what we might call scheming, he calls foresight; what we might call treacherously, he calls cunningly.
They obviously can include emotions that might alienate newspaper readers--godless rage, impassioned piety, bitterness, prejudice, arrogance, shrillness, sneakiness, hazy softness--the list is instinctive and endless and subtle, and outside the mission of most newspaper stories.