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Calendar's special Sneaks sections seasonally preview upcoming films and The Times Fall Movie Sneaks issue hits doorsteps, newsstands and the Web (http://www.
Scheme to take away the sneak or at least make the QB slide out to the B gap: Corners should be drilled to expect a double move; that is a quick and go, out and up, slant and up.
Separate research suggests that a worm called the root-knot nematode sneaks past plants' defenses by disguising itself as a friend and that some bacteria inject one of a group of proteins that co-opt a cell's actions.
Wanting to avoid all the celebratory hullabaloo, he sneaks into town incognito only to meet the girl of his dreams, a photographer who immediately leaps to the conclusion that he's a layabout.
While California Republicans are social Neanderthals, California Democrats are the party of sneaks, who've clearly lost their way under Chief Sneak Gray Davis.
In addition, Missy will prepare a delicious dinner for the family while mom sneaks out of the kitchen to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment.
Sherman sneaks over later that night to comfort her as Margaret sleeps on the front porch.
Biologists have found dozens of bird species that catch interloper eggs from different species, but only a few--some ostriches, weaverbirds, moorhens, and now coots--with defenses against sneaks of their own species.
What: Robert Young Pelton sneaks into Afghanistan during the war on terrorism and comes across John Walker Lindh.
Cut directly from the pant-legs, the postconsumer denim requires no re-processing and serves as a ready-made fabric for application in a variety of DEJA SHOE lines, including ECO SNEAKS, ENVIROLITES, NIMBY SANDALS and a new line of Spring '94 CLOGS.