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Smash 'im, Jimmie, kick deh damn guts out of 'im," yelled Pete, the lad with the chronic sneer, in tones of delight.
It is a noble thought," said the Cynic, with an obsequious sneer.
Motomoe sprang forward involuntarily, and the sneer was chased from his face by an expression of solicitude.
They sneer and ridicule their beliefs and make it quite clear they are not interested in anything they've got to say, getting verbally offensive.
careful not to seem to sneer at the rest of the islanders for their lack of education.
Most of the 11 originals here sublimely intertwine the bitter and the sweet, and Allen delivers them in a voice that can flip mid-phrase from a twittering trill to a sharp-edged sneer.
Please note that commentators on the cable shows did not sneer endlessly that these are activist judges.
Noisy, jerky, greedy for diesel, and with interiors styled by what appear to have been a cage of drug-crazed monkeys let loose with tiny tots' paint boxes, the new buses sneer at the quiet refinement of their purpose-built predecessors.
One of the reason that these shows are appealing and have been successful is that they give the viewer a chance to sneer at these loopy, out-of-touch, dysfunctional rich people.
Fields used to slam a cigar into the corner of his mouth and sneer nasally, "I'd rather be in Phila-del-phia.
They just sneer at the whole crowd; tell you in luscious detail what a bunch of boobs they are and leave it at that.