sneer at

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I would not for a moment sneer at anything that helps to keep hearts tender in this hard old world.
In the first place, you needn't sneer at adventure when you are living it yourself; and you were certainly living it when I found you first, down with fever on a lonely plantation with a couple of hundred wild cannibals thirsting for your life.
We know she and her type sneer at our England flags and inflatable reindeer and package holidays.
What has he got to sneer at? Well - he's just been through the British "justice" system!.
It has become predictably fashionable for the odd - very odd - element of the national media to sit back and sneer at an occasion which has, in its own right, become a National phenomenon.
careful not to seem to sneer at the rest of the islanders for their lack of education.
A full up-and-down rebuff of my outfit, followed by a sneer and then a command to make the rest of the table sneer at me.
To sneer at people who hold these views because they are allegedly members of something called the "chattering classes" (philistine-speak for people who take an informed interest in current affairs), and may or may not live in Selly Oak or Kings Heath and go to dinner parties, is gratuitously insulting and, frankly, childish.
Noisy, jerky, greedy for diesel, and with interiors styled by what appear to have been a cage of drug-crazed monkeys let loose with tiny tots' paint boxes, the new buses sneer at the quiet refinement of their purpose-built predecessors.
No, we won't get federal marriage rights in a Kerry administration (though his support for civil unions is nothing to sneer at).