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7 ( ANI ): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday sneered at the Congress party for calling NaMo as 'No Agriculture Mal-governance Only' and said that the latter is not witty enough to come up with a meaning for NaMo.
Paxo rarely let anyone complete a sentence, and sneered his way through the rest of the night.
Then they had five eejits who allowed themselves to be poked, prodded and sneered at by this awful pair, who then dressed them up in clothes that looked even worse than what they'd been wearing.
Several banking laws coming out of the savings and loan scandals of the late 1980s were savaged by the banking community as overkill; at least one, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act (FDICIA), was commonly sneered at as "the lawyers' full employment act.
Perhaps the most annoying thing about the movie, though, is that von Trier's occasional flashes of real insight - into the persistence of oppression, the weaknesses of liberalism and the evangelical approach to democracy that isn't working any better in Iraq than it does at Manderlay - cannot be shrugged, laughed nor sneered off.
Brighton," one of my students in Essex sneered when I told him I was moving here.
Many years ago, Immanuel Velikovsky (whose theories are generally sneered at by scientists) posited that Earth received a great deal of its water from Mars in a near-collision of the two planets.
After Al Gore finally conceded the election in December, Boston Globe columnist David Nyhan sneered that the angry white males" who had backed George W.
Though some have sneered at the $130 million sale price as rather low for a trophy hotel, John Fox begged to differ.
How we forget Biloxi, Mississippi, a decade before, where no witnesses spoke to cameras, how a brown man in army uniform was pulled from the bus by police when he sneered at the custom of the back seat, how the magistrate proclaimed a week in jail and went back to bed with a shot of whiskey, how the brownskinned soldier could not sleep as he listened for the prowling of his jailers, the muttering and cardplaying of the hangmen they might become.
CHERYL COLE laid into Wagner last night after he sneered at her working class roots.
Cowell sneered after their version of the The Corrs' Runaway: "I like you Becky but you've got the wrong two partners.