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It may be true, as the sneerers point out, that she is not an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things, since she has aides and assistants to help her through the busy day.
The lip- curling sneerers are all life's losers; spiritually and mentally pock marked.
The self-serving sneerers who display contempt for the views of ordinary people, would be made to read the gibbering nonsense in books such as The New Scottish Politics: The First Year of The Scottish Parliament.
IN his article 'Don't let the sneerers win', Richard Williamson played the part of the stereotyped whinging, downtrodden Brummie with apparent ease.
New Labour has zero toleration for cynics and sneerers.
We have to be able to take a joke because, once we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves, the sneerers will have won.
To cynics and sneerers, I would say, don't disillusion the very people who need and benefit from this Government the most.
Equally typical in its composers' hall marks is the First Piano Concerto of the 18-year-old Rachmaninov, structurally, thematically and texturally anticipating so many of his subsequent masterpieces - and to any sneerers be it noted these ideas were forg ed before film-music was ever dreamt of.
The sneerers say he sings soppy songs with syrupy lyrics and his only fans are middle-aged women going weak at the rheumaticky knees.
When Paul found a place for Linda in his band, the sneerers jeered that she could not sing or play an instrument.
Each one an answer to the Tory sneerers who say he has no policies.