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"I absolutely hate that sneering anti-Americanism."
Had not the nats campaigned for their language to be taught to their children and to have equal status in their own country there would be no language Before sneering at and ridiculing the nats perhaps it would be wiser for some people to take stock, and consider thanking the nats for having their positions today
In an excellent, fully voiced reading in beautifully modulated tones, Kim Hicks captures every well-drawn character convincingly, from the sneering boys and snobby girls involved in the persecution to the fiery Aussie Lauren and the thoughtful Alex, as well as the various parents and school officials.
This look at Sir Cliff's life charts the rise of the sneering Coffee Bar Kid - Britain's Elvis - to today's Christian pop icon.
That has not changed with this album of secular and sacred Christmas standards, and his unique oh-so-deep baritone voice often has a sneering tone that is, quite frankly, a poor fit on Christmas pieces that mean so much to so many people.
Old Kingston Penitentiary is described as foolishly soft (even sneering at supposed `room service' for those held in segregation in Kingston Penitentiary) and also described as a place characterized by constant fear and horror.
And he said that sneering references to Commons speaker Michael Martin as "Gorbals Mick" were typical of widespread snobbery.
Another time we talked about how he might have felt when he healed a blind man with spit and dirt, when he prayed desperately for a little dead girl to be alive, and when he had a sponge with sour bitter vinegar crammed in his mouth by a sneering soldier.
The sneering anthem - which was the biggest selling track in the week of the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977 - is one of four tracks by the Sex Pistols (pictured right) in the top 100 compiled by Mojo magazine.
Students cited threats, ridicule, name-calling, slapping, punching, jeering, and sneering. Concerned that such rampant bullying leads to retaliatory school violence, some states have recently passed laws requiring schools to develop antibullying programs.
Whether a boy is smiling at me or sneering from across the room, heck, I'll never know.
The pale, rubberized cheeks and jowls seem weighed down by BBs of gravitas, though the sneering arch in the upper lip is unaffected.