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Raised by honest Kansas's farmers to have a strong moral compass, the original Superman was so squeaky-clean that fellow superheroes sneeringly dubbed him the 'big blue Boy Scout'.
Unashamedly aimed at drivers us oldies sneeringly dismiss as "boy racers"e this souped-up mini-Italian stallion ticks all the right boxes for its target market.
It is so easy to sneeringly compare the half-mile Heritage Tramway to the multi-million pound Merseytram project, but surely Merseytravel deserve some credit for providing interesting local visitor attractions, whether public transport is used or not.
Radio 5 Live seems split between those who want to help racing and those who seem sneeringly contemptuous of it, so let's try areas we haven't plumbed before - why not have assorted racing buffs of differing ages, sex and politics grilled by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight about why this is actually the culmination of civilisation as we know it.
Sarcasm is simply stating the "opposite of an intended meaning especially in order to sneeringly, slyly, jest or mock a person or thing.
Back in the 18th century, John Wilkes, a reformer, had an angry exchange with John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich: Lord Montagu sneeringly exclaimed: "I don't know whether you will die on the gallows or of the pox.
Yes, I was being part-snob, parthypocrite, watching them sneeringly in my purple Craghopper fleece, especially as I am a firm believer in the cheering power of a skinny latte on a cold day's walk.
As a result, the movie ``Shut Up & Sing'' doesn't give the anti-Chicks contingent much traction; indeed, even when Bush logically points out to a TV interviewer that the ladies had just as much right to express their opinions as some of their fans did to boycott their products in response, we're meant to laugh sneeringly at some perceivable hypocrisy in his statement.
Senator George Allen, a Republican, sneeringly suggested that the U.
Burgess's physical appearance gets sneeringly derided, too.
If a single moment captured Kerry's failure to play to strength, it was in the second debate when Bush sneeringly declared, "That's what liberals do.
The obvious option is to turn the entire operation over to the United Nations, which has some experience in what Bush used to sneeringly call "nation-building.