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His knowledge of the world, and very especially of South America, is surprising, and he has a whole-hearted belief in the possibilities of our journey which is not to be dashed by the sneers of Professor Summerlee.
In his sensitiveness he saw sneers and wonderings in other fellows' manner when they were not bothering their heads with him at all.
At one moment he will embrace me, and the next he flies out at me and sneers at me, and then I stick the lining forward on purpose.
I feel that every woman here sneers at me as she dances by with my husband.
That prospect was made the sweeter by a flavor of vengeance against the hasty sneers of Carp & Company; for even when Mr.
They did not love him for it, and little he cared, in the end dismissing them with abuse and sneers.
The three comrades dropped behind and followed: Aylward much the lighter for having accomplished his mission, Alleyne full of wonderment at the humble bearing of so renowned a captain, and John loud with snorts and sneers, which spoke his disappointment and contempt.
Thackeray has been called a cynic, that is one who does not believe in the goodness of human nature, and who sneers at and finds fault with everything.
Worthy of special praise, lastly, is the moral soundness of all Dickens' work, praise which is not seriously affected by present-day sneers at his
Miss Anthony, at the cost of a whole week of sneers and abuse from the poet, saw it all with her own eyes.
He never meddled with any little boy, and was popular with them, though they all looked on him with a sort of compassion, and called him "Poor Diggs," not being able to resist appearances, or to disregard wholly even the sneers of their enemy Flashman.
Had he fallen back on threats, coercion, sneers, all might have been different even yet.