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It drew the attention of national television and radio - although admittedly some of this was a little sneery and pandered to the stereotypes and prejudice against which Professor Carl Chinn railed during his evidence.
Instead, we got another diatribe about Tory cuts - we'll be hearing much, much more of that over the next two years - some sneery stuff about the Lib Dems.
As someone who's used to riding a push bike to work I'm feeling slightly sneery - and a bit scared - of a bike that's powered by anything but me, so I'm relieved to find you can ride it just like a normal bike if you want.
One more squeak, one more bleat, one more sneery comment and you will - do not doubt this - be red carded.
Firstborn and Secondborn are quite sneery about the fact that I neglect my Facebook duties.
And the always fantastically sneery Simon Cowell, who'd probably reduce his own mother to tears if she served him up a sub-standard cup of tea.
Moodily coming across like a snowier forerunner to Seven (numerical link notwithstanding), it features an excellently sneery turn from John Malcovich as the FBI man who thinks Garcia's lost the plot.
Lucy's snobby sneery attitude is also changing, says Heledd, as she begins to realise she needs to depend on other people.
JEREMY Paxman says, despite his sneery spat with Russell Brand on Newsnight - now watched by more than 10 million via YouTube - that he largely agrees with the comedian about our politicians and their disconnection from the electorate.
Well, unless you are a bit of an exhibitionist which, let's face it again, not many of us are, who likes being on the receiving end of creepy looks and making friends with all the guys and sneery looks from and making enemies of all their girlfriends.
But there's also something very Groundhog Day about the show's army of sneery critics who, whisper it quietly, seem to have finally argued themselves into silence.
The reason it has stuck is that people love being offensive to authority and McDonald's is seen as successful, so people adopt a sneery approach.