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Following the fake ad, Snickers then asks the questions thinking of taking this advice, and responds with youre off your game when youre hungry.
The withdrawn Mars packs have best before dates from April to October 2016 and the Snickers are dated July 16.
Millions of children's lunchbox Mars Funsize, Milky Way Funsize Variety Funsize and Celebrations boxes have already been recalled in Ireland and Europe after sharp red plastic was found in a Snickers bar bought in Germany on February 8.
8 complaint from a consumer in Germany, she said, who found red plastic in a Snickers bar and sent it back to the company.
said it has recalled products, which include Mars, Snickers and Milky Way bars, in 55 countries, mainly in Europe.
Mars Gulf, including the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman markets, have decided to take a precautionary recall of a selection of Snickers [Miniatures], Mars [Minis and Miniatures] and Best of Our Minis products produced in The Netherlands after finding a piece of red plastic in one of Snickers bar purchased in Germany," the company said in a statement issued in Dubai.
MarsInc on Tuesday ecalled chocolate bars and other products in 55 countries, mainly in Europe, due to the choking risk after a piece of plastic was found in a Snickers bar in Germany.
A total of 50 cartoons, 330 boxes of Mars and Snickers were confiscated from supermarkets and work is underway to recall the other quantities, he said.
In the instant-win sweepstakes promotion, consumers who purchase Snickers bar singles and other Mars chocolate singles from Super Bowl-themed displays and text Snickers or enter on www.
Snickers cheesecake with salted peanut brittle by Sarah Farley, from Relish Cafe, in Redcar.
ISTOOD in the hotel lobby, a Snickers bar melting in my hand, and sighed.
Koprusak) Snickers and the former husband of the late Virginia L.