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It's snobbery and that snobbery has always been there about snooker.
ounce of snobbery in her workin for the money a daily
Hemingway adds: "We need to reverse the career snobbery that has resulted in some trades being considered a poor option.
Bafta fiercely rejects claims of bias or snobbery and insisted each nominated programme was considered fairly and on merit.
Leighton He said the more frequent appearances of Scottish Parliament members on national discussion shows could reect a snobbery with how devolution came about in Wales.
To aficionados, sneering cruises is simple snobbery.
It took years for that to sink in because I was terribly guilty of all sorts of aviation snobbery.
But at Jaipur, even the anti- snobbish snobbery is easy to predict.
Holier said that hopefully the app, called Wine Find, would put a stop to the snobbery surrounding wine as the app provides a wine for almost every conceivable dish.
There's an innate snobbery in Whitehall that music hall is vulgar.
Could we possibly include snobbery towards the all-weather in that?
On the other, there are plenty of people prepared to take the fact of a disproportionate number of students from more privileged backgrounds at a particular university as evidence of snobbery and social bias on the part of admissions staff.