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Designer Julien Macdonald once, snobbishly perhaps, said no girl feels glamorous in a supermarket jacket.
The writer goes on to accuse Parliament of stifling brilliance and withholding a useful public service by snobbishly limiting theatre licences to London and select provinces only: "But now genius is discouraged, and the public suffers inconveniences, from a restriction that is serviceable in no one point, but very harmful to many" (2 March 1771).
Yet there is nothing snobbishly sniffy about the service.
Bernard's favourites are Auden and Edna St Vincent Millay: 'I listened with polite attention, snobbishly aware that my poets were "better" than his' [.
Elijah's Flame is meant to open today's hot topics with humor (multiculturalism, religious pluralism), balanced by substantial cultural counterparts that are not pretentiously or snobbishly exhibited ("cosmic religiosity" and its hierophantic, positive history theophany and the invigorating Christian spirituality, with reference to Eliade and Culianu).
They still have more political power than the mainlanders they snobbishly look down on, but they realise that by the 40th anniversary of the invasion these impoverished, uncouth Anatolian labourers may be running the show.
Till a decade ago, high fashion rather snobbishly disassociated itself from anything " filmy" -- labelling Bollywood fashion as massy and low- brow.
Nothing," replies Orlando snobbishly, for he is "not taught to make anything," but is being "marred," "with idleness.
She understands the societal factors that give rise to lyrics that swagger in the face of a structurally racist society, critizes the underlying sexism and misogyny in hip hop, yet avoids snobbishly condemning the entire movement.
Snobbishly and inaccurately, I'd written Hamburg off as "too industrial".