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In the first-look photo of Liv in the episode shown below, McIver perfectly captures the mannerisms and fashion of a typical snobby dowager.
The Snobby development is set quietly, amidst olive groves, beside a small village church.
I am being sarcastic and trying to let Mr Carr "consider" that if we need advice, we will ask for it and that change will come from within not from snobby articles and comments like this one).
And the chicks are most certainly skate friendly and hot, and not all snobby.
She's prepared for criticism from peers at her snobby prep school--or so she thinks.
There were days that the second show was laborious, but clarifying details, like my snobby aristocratic glare in one scene or keeping my wrists reminiscent of traditional flamenco dancers in another, helped me stay focused.
If you have ten applicants who all come from a snobby background then of course you are going to take a new barrister from a snobby background.
When Kat's father's lab is burglarized and her father blackmailed and in danger of losing his new job, she quickly learns that there is more to Dover Academy than snobby girls and dull-witted athletes.
Some of us may overlook simple, easy-to-do planting combinations because of that snobby gardener's voice that tends to lurk in the back of our minds.
The author, who has won awards for his series on the Edinburgh detective, said: "People aren't as snobby about crime books as they used to be but they still aren't taken as seriously as some people think they ought to be.
Snobby Sally is embarrassed by Sophie's friendship with her new-found cousin Nicolette, who she thinks is leading her astray into bad habits like smoking.
These people are passionate about music, and some of them can get snobby when they have to defend their own genre.