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SNOOPER offers an innovative and exclusive solution for detecting concealed weapons such as daggers, guns and rifles made of ferro-magnetic materials from a long distance.
"Unfortunately, and criminally, their oeuvre is probably not widely known enough for Snooper Furry Animals to make much impact, so this is very much a labour of love.
The reason for this is that the current emergency surveillance legislation expires at the end of 2016, so David Cameron is eager to have the Snooper's Charter on the books before the new year begins.
Before setting her sights on reviving the snooper's charter, the Home Secretary should address the fact that one of the biggest challenges facing the police is making use of the huge volume of data that is already available."
In a report by The Guardian, May's Snooper's charter is aimed at the creation of new retention order requiring overseas internet companies to store the personal data of all their British-based users for up to 12 months.
The government has been accused of launching a "snooper's charter" after revealing plans to ramp up police internet-surveillance powers to snare criminals.
Thus, even if a snooper is able to isolate an individual value of a confidential attribute, the true value is not disclosed.
Dublin, Ohio-based APR?s software MCS Snooper tells users exactly which programs are running on their systems, enabling them to take remediation action in case of a Y2K related problem.
Although such a feat is currently beyond the capability of an ordinary snooper's computer, projected increases in computer speed could make it feasible in 2 or 3 years.
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British Home Secretary Theresa May will publish Tuesday a revised version of her controversial Investigatory Powers Bill - widely known as the 'Snooper's Charter' - as she seeks to address widespread criticism of new laws which would give law enforcement officials much greater powers to monitor and spy on citizens.
However, the Lib Dems insisted that legislation - branded the "Snooper's Charter" - was "dead and buried".