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All sensitive data, including passwords of all accounts, credit card details and even a user's current location may be visible to snoopers and cybercriminals.
And it appears this is the aspect of the 'Pooper Snoopers' plan that would actually be illegal if was rolled out.
| 'Bin snoopers' are checking how residents recycle their waste in Redcar and Cleveland
The proposals - dubbed a snoopers' charter - were shelved in 2013 following opposition from Lib Dems.
This seems to me to offer a well nigh infallible way of detecting a potential snooper. As soon as your suspicions are around, just hand your beloved an apple slicer/corer and ask for a slice of cored apple.
In her address to activists Mrs May said she had proposed the snoopers' charter because the inability of police and intelligence services to monitor internet and phone use was creating a "crisis in national security".
Yet if Snowden's allegations are true, and what has been published is convincing in its detail, then the British government already has its Snoopers Charter.
John Hemming The Bill, dubbed the snoopers' charter by opponents, was dropped earlier this year after Mr Clegg said it was "not going to happen".
London Evening Standard/London Nick Clegg took the axe to the "snoopers' charter" yesterday and poured scorn on proposals to temporarily opt out of the European Convention on Human Rights to deport Abu Qatada (also known as Omar Mahmoud Othman) .
But when the users employed then, the snoopers were successful only 5 percent of the time with 16 fake pointers and 35 percent with eight pointers.
This time, they did not invite journalists and boring snoopers to accompany them, there are no ministers from the suspicious Albanian part of the Government, no unpleasant questions.
DAVID Cameron has denied that Government proposals to monitor calls, emails, texts and website visits would be a "snoopers' charter".