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Reding also questioned what are the avenues available for companies in EU to question the snooping and whether there are any avenues to tell people if they are being snooped.
n The younger we are, the more likely we are to snoop - those snooping aged 55 to 64 had dropped to 38 per cent
The North-West is the most nosy area, with 60% of respondents admitting snooping, while those in Wales are the least likely to snoop - 46% of Welsh respondents admitted they snooped.
The amount of future payments the Company may receive from NVIDIA may differ significantly from the amounts set forth in the license agreement between the parties depending upon the outcome of discussions among the parties and NVIDIA's future use of OPTi's Predictive Snooping technology.
The lawsuit against Apple is a continuing part of the Company's strategy for pursuing its patent infringement claims relating to its Predictive Snooping technology.