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WITH the snootier elements of the theatre world finally acknowledging the genius of Alan Ayckbourn now that he is retiring, perhaps they will also appreciate the qualities of his near neighbour John Godber.
In Italy and France I found they have a similar perception of each other, as northerners and southerners, the difference in their case being that the northerners are the snootier lot.
I welcome the prospect of some of the snootier denizens of the enclosure staying away in protest, to be replaced by people who treat the whole thing as a celebration of all that is great about our sport, rather than a chance to put the invitation from Her Majesty's Representative on the mantelpiece and join the Pilkington-Smythes for a brace of gulls' eggs and an afternoon of not watching the racing.
Objections have come from snootier apartment block-types, who obviously don't understand city living.
It is clear, from his descriptions of the service and his commentary on genteel institutions like the Nairobi Club (frayed, threadbare with an almost all black-African membership) and the snootier, white Muthaiga Club, where Sunday lunches of curry and roast beef are still served, that the thrall of British institutions is still strong in Kenya, a circumstance contributing in almost equal weight to the success and failure of operations like the Flying Doctors Service.
They might not appeal to the snootier cinema-goer but I always thought they were great fun - and these days, we can always do with a good laugh.
In any case, the whole affair does take one back to a simpler though snootier time.
You don't feel accepted by these guys,'' Lake said this week, referring to the way trainers who seem to win too often on the smaller circuits are regarded by stars of the million-dollar events and snootier members of the press.
Yeh, its amazing but it just sort of happened and its certainly not been by design,'' remarks Mary who spent the early part of this year belting around America appeasing sell out audiences from the Appalachians to California and the snootier climes of New England.
In sum, the SNOOTier is teaching his peers that the criteria for membership in Us are not just age, station, inability to stay up past 9:00, etc.