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AT a time when his second favourite golf club, Lyford Kay in the Bahamas, is reputedly feeling the effects of the US recession, the greatest- living Scotsman, Sir Sean Connery, will doubtless be glad to know that his all-time favourite club, the exclusive Royal & Ancient at St Andrews, is becoming even snootier.
It involves a rich guy also named Jeff Lebowski, his ex-porn star wife, his avant-garde artist daughter Maude (played like Katharine Hepburn's snootier granddaughter by Julianne Moore), those German nihilists and their attack marmot, a Hugh Hefner-style swinger, a guardian angel (Sam Elliott) in a 10-gallon hat and assorted other weirdos.
But Clinton has a snootier pedigree, according to genealogists who say that gives him an election edge.
Suddenly the band that snootier music critics had written off as a bad joke, were back in vogue.
A swipe that reflects my three years at Cambridge in a College that would have preferred to have been far snootier than it was, and no doubt remains.
No one can be snootier than Stephanie Beacham, who looks down her nose as if to the manor born as Lady Wilhelmina, and no one does dizzy better than Sara Crowe, who is all of a flutter as The Hon Miss Percival.