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EVEN the snootiest golf club secretary couldn't find fault with the new Royal Garden Villas, a collection of holiday homes at the Costa Adeje Golf Club on Tenerife.
The hotel also boasts the snootiest receptionist in the Greater and Lesser Antilles.
Now even the snootiest cricket lover has been forced to concede that it's smart to put your shirt on Freddie.
TUMBLING membership may force Scotland's snootiest golf club to think the unthinkable - and invite women to join.
Does it matter that the world's snootiest shop assistants have chosen to ply their trade in Paris?
The snootiest things about The Cod are the credentials of its owners - two 30-year-old Etonians with a penchant for golf and a host of City friends who own their own banks.
Usually the administrative trivia of the nation's snootiest sporting hierarchy outside Wimbledon is as gripping as watching the Twickenham grass grow.