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With hindsight I'd rather snootily assumed that the upmarket family resort would be just a base for my partner and I - free of children for once - and a starting point for sophisticated adventures across the island.
Officials have taken to referring snootily to "a place somewhere up north".
Not many Essex boys know about politics," she says, snootily.
Hawthorne and Melville expected to be lionised by the English literary elite, but to their chagrin and, in spite of Thackeray's efforts, they were snootily ignored.
It is on smaller, humbler grounds far from the capital, with disrespectful locals kicking their ankles, that the players can shrink snootily from the confrontation.
They snootily look down their noses at tabloid newspapers, while presiding over faked and fabricated shows.
THE grande dames of the sparkling wine world, from Bollinger to Veuve Clicquot, sit snootily on either side of the aptly-named Avenue de Champagne in the heart of France's fizz country.
Actually, I went to a farm sale," adding snootily for maximum impact: "On my bicycle.
Rachel Elnaugh asked snootily how on Earth did I think my game could compete with Monopoly?
We then went on a reconnoitre of the town which our book, The Canal Companion, had rather snootily dismissed.
When I got dressed to go out to a gig in a leather jacket, thinking that, despite being in my early thirties, I didn't look a day over 25, he snootily surveyed my outfit and told me that I looked like an old rocker who was about to go and see Status Quo.
We tried to ensure copies of the Post were available for both the English and German camps during the World Cup, but Fifa's media people snootily told us any literature promoting gambling on football would be binned.