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After Lyon come Fenerbahce, managed by the continually successful Christoph Daum, who has reminded Germany and German clubs what they turned their back on when they snootily snubbed him because of his allegedly colourful private life.
If "Field of Dreams" was too imaginative for SI's blood, how could it snootily dismiss "Rudy" from its list of 50?
Mondale made the mistake of snootily telling Coleman, "You have been an arbitrary right-to-lifer.
But he's clever enough to escape from the spaceship sending him into permanent exile and crash-lands on Earth, which is snootily considered by the alien race to be a wildlife preserve where, due to repeated asteroid hits, life forms repeatedly "have to start all over again.
Suddenly, league matches don't mean much now and the CIS Cup, to which Gers fans used to snootily turn up their noses, has become crucial to their season.
We were discussing Fokine's Le Spectre de la Rose and Beaumont, who at that time seemed enormously old to me, informed me, just a little snootily, that people who had not seen Nijinsky and Karsavina in the Fokine had no real idea of its quality.
But one of the most significant events during the past decade was the arrival of McDonald's after the food pundits had snootily proclaimed that Argentine consumers would not accept US style fast food operations.
I have been told by French wine producers that they do not have 'winemakers', a prosaic Anglo-Saxon term used in the New World, but oenologues, a term that implies greater subtlety and training: wine is not simply made, they say snootily, it is part of a wider culture.
In Parliament in 1944 Tory MP Simon Wing fiel-Digby snootily tackled Winston Churchill about the secret missions.
They also lack the crisp, white tablecloths required to gain the all-important star - L'Ami Jean was awarded the Bib Gourmand by Michelin - the award snootily conferred for "good food at moderate prices".
In those days Harrogate was still snootily middle class and the poster shows a man and a woman in smart riding gear on horseback naturally, in perfect weather.
While snootily dismissive of anybody travelling in economy, she crawls revoltingly after everybody in first class.