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com) Sure, there's Vegetarian Times and other foodie mags for those alt-leaning sorts, but VegNews, with its in-your-face vegan snootiness, a bevy of cute, queer-tattooed contributors and must-read articles like "10 Eco-fabulous Urban Hotspots" is tops on our to-do list.
He knew lots of other things: about the Union, the Empire, the Miners' Strike, the Irish Troubles, Thatcherism in all its Tory viciousness, and, of course, the snootiness of England.
In the past, there was a certain snootiness surrounding the homegrown product, with producers struggling to sell it.
Amanda is the debutante who tries to ignore her family's wealthy background, and her voice doesn't betray the snootiness of her mom.
She imagines they might make fun of her behind her back, suspecting "overly-educated" people of snootiness.
Designer Stella McCartney has her flagship store on West 14th Street, as do Alexander McQueen and Jeffrey New York, a "megaboutique" parodied on Saturday Night Live for its trendy snootiness.
Most of these objections focus upon sins of omission--authors who, as a result of either snootiness or parochialism, have been left out of the collection.
Although the UnGala Gala was founded 20 years ago as an antithesis to black-tie snootiness, it's now the hottest black-tie ticket in town.
Even the Queen and Prince Philip came in for a whiff of upturned snootiness.
After a few pages, though, it became apparent that this snootiness was plain wrong.
Trickery, snootiness and ennui are nowhere on display.
These fears are unfounded, certainly at Springs where snootiness is conspicuous by its absence.