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Paul admits there is still an amount of snootiness among theatre people about those who work in musicals, although things have improved slightly over the years.
Wilkinson, 55, has been a one-club man for 40 years, and said: "It was a good moment, but then Whitburn is a good club - no snootiness like at some clubs, just friendly and down to earth people.
I read Bob Welch's column `City based snootiness needs the boot' (Register Guard, April 15) with great interest.
Her choices neatly reflect BBC prejudices, that peculiar mix of snootiness and political correctness; trendy-ness and navel-gazing.
We also found the staff to be friendly and responsive, a contrast to the exclusive snootiness found at many such stylish urban hotels (W chain, this means you).
Then it is more queues before you get into the grounds themselves and you soon realise you are in the very citadel of English upper-class snootiness.
In retrospect, my December 2005 column about the "Rambo Santa" in the Springfield Christmas Parade - a guy from Eugene, by the way - had a veneer of Eugene snootiness to it.
ITHINK Greg Stone's criticism of trade unions ("Why unions should not bail out Labour", Voice of the North, April 5) reveals both a disregard for the facts and some Lib Dem snootiness towards working people.
The warmth of the staff at Ashford brings a human touch to a place clearly fit for Royalty and there wasn't a hint of snootiness - even when I ed for a pint of Heineken in the wing room after our meal.
A regular visitor to the Edinburgh Festival, he knows the capital's reputation for snootiness and gleefully points out that posh Scots are so posh they can make the English aristocracy look like brickies.