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In contrast to the rather snooty, up-her-own-backside WAG I was expecting, she was absolutely delightful.
WHEN this musclebound Korean first arrived on the US Tour and word got round that he had come from the weightlifting scene, the likes of Justin Leonard and other snooty American players probably looked down their nose at him and thought he would not be a serious rival.
Naturally, the brat from the Big Apple shows us snooty Brits the error of our ways but this is one Cinderella story where you'll be rooting for the evil step-sister.
The "stars" of the first issue, some of whom will be revived this week, include Big Eggo the ostrich, Lord Snooty and his pals, Whoopee Hank, the slap-dash sheriff, and Tin-Can Tommy, the clockwork boy.
As Jed Clampett, the easygoing head of a newly rich Ozark family moved up market to snooty Beverly Hills, Ebsen became a national favourite.
But that cream turned just a little sour when snooty Atomic Kitten pair Liz McLarnon and Jenny Frost turned down requests for an interview in Cardiff last night.
The inside scoop: In giving voice to Preed, Lane has said he took aural inspiration from none other than the imperious George Sanders, who played All About Eve's snooty theater critic Addison Dewitt.
Robert has told friends he finds the 48-year-old actress bossy and snooty.
David Begg, of the politically-correct Edinburgh City Council, plays at the snooty pounds 400-a-year Duddingston club.
And it looks like they've met their match in the Beano's resident snob Lord Snooty III.
I BET you know one of those snooty Euro footie snobs who keeps banging on about the superior art of Serie A or the grace and technique of La Liga.
So a big Oz-style up yours, man, to snooty twerp A.A.