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The study found that those under 25 years of age spent an average 40 minutes snoozing, which steadily drops to 25 minutes by the time they reach the age of 45
ThESE snoozing animals are clearly dog tired - or in desperate need of a cat nap.
TWO police officers have allegedly been caught snoozing on duty in a shock video clip.
The noise of Grahame Sutherland snoozing had lawyers and members of the public in stitches.
Although the surveyed teens spent the biggest block of time snoozing, they averaged only 7.
While we have been snoozing, pornography has quietly become a huge, dangerous beast, lurking in our midst.
Five lemurs in trees with very thick, well-insulated walls spent most of their time snoozing with body temperatures near 20[degrees]C, but on a weekly basis made an intense metabolic effort to top the 30[degrees]C mark.