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For absolute maximum traction in the snow, many drivers like adding studs to their snow tires.
Bird asks about snow tires for a rear-wheel drive Suburban.
Wetton, vice president of sales for Allied Machined Products of Auburn, says the snow tires - with their deep, sharp-edged but soft-rubber treads - let him plow safely through all wintry conditions.
If you're willing to spend a little more, a set of studded snow tires will help you get through just about anything on the road.
This technology, a unique injection-molded, high-strength and high-durability polyurethane assembly, represents a significant improvement over historical traction devices such as tire chains, snow tires and studded tires as well as autosocks.
Consider the use of snow tires with metal studs if icy driving conditions are part of your winter's landscape.
Nan Kang Rubber is mainly engaged in making sedan tires, light truck tires, snow tires and SUV (sport utility vehicle) tires, with exports contributing around 90% to its overall annual revenue.
I have now become accustomed to snow tires, salty roads and snowplows things that were once foreign to me.
Snow tires and other winter-traction devices, such as tire chains, help improve drivability in heavy snow,.
The Kooriyama highway office of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism says many of the cars trapped in snow on the highway were not equipped with tire chains or snow tires.
Skancke comes across like somebody trying to sell snow tires in Florida.