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Whether you're using dedicated snow tires or your mud tires, winter cold will have an effect on them that you may not expect.
Wetton, vice president of sales for Allied Machined Products of Auburn, says the snow tires - with their deep, sharp-edged but soft-rubber treads - let him plow safely through all wintry conditions.
As with any vehicle, adding snow tires will greatly increase your traction.
Meteorologists have advised city residents to take precautions on the road, including using snow tires or chains to prevent accidents that might be caused by the heavy rain and snowfall.
Be prepared: Before you set out in winter weather, make sure your vehicle is properly equipped (i.e., snow tires or chains in extreme conditions).
New tires are a hefty investment, more so for larger vehicles or if you opt for snow tires, but if you five on country roads that don't get a lot of TLC, it's a worthwhile investment.
I wish I had bought snow tires. I was convinced that a Subaru could drive in anything with regular summer tires.
The lack of snow tires and chains played a big part in the delay, as authorities forbade drivers from proceeding without them, leaving the travelers stranded.
Company vehicles should have the following checked/inspected: battery antifreeze, wipers and washer fluid, ignition system, thermostat, lights, heater, brakes, defroster, winter grade oil, properly inflated tires (all weather radials or chains, or snow tires, if conditions warrant), ice scraper, maybe a shovel or broom, and plenty of gasoline.
Purchase snow tires--For most passenger vehicles, studies show snow tires can improve your ability to effectively navigate through snow and ice.
Travelers should put on snow tires or carry chains, he added.
It has been said that when you achieve success in America you need to have your snow tires on --that's to avoid leaving the road and plunging into a ditch.