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A 2003 study in the Journal of Climate found that as global temperatures have risen; the winter ice cover over the Great Lakes has decreased, leading in turn to more moisture in the atmosphere and snowier winters throughout the region.
As a reader from the snowier side of the great Anglo-colonial divide, I cannot help but wriggle a little in delight to see how integral Canadian literary and critical production is to Gruber's explanatory model.
And, while there appears to be no immediate danger of games companies opting for the snowier climes of Canada, tax breaks to protect the sector in the UK, and allow it to compete more effectively, should certainly be investigated.
When the PDO is negative, La Ni[+ or -]a events dominate in the Pacific and produce colder, wetter, snowier winters in the Northwest.
It shouldn't be so much of a problem as the event heads to the snowier areas further afield, according to reports.
I The chief executive of Inghams holiday company, Litsa Constantinou, says that - according to a Greek Cypriot old wives tale - the more wasps buzzing around means a colder, snowier winter ahead.
But what's different this time around is that the reception for most viewers on Channel 96 is snowier than a movie-set Christmas.
For example, the winter of 1992-93 was moderate until early February, when it then became colder and snowier, and culminated with a harsh blizzard on March 13.
As everyone knows--particularly in the snowier, messier areas of the country (like Cleveland)--summer is when you really start getting serious about cleaning things up.
Those results indicate, though not overwhelmingly, that positive NAO winters were colder and snowier than usual at our study site.