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Experts have said the avalanche could have been caused by ice falling from the top triggering the snowslide further down.
Police found two bodies in the southwestern village of Evolene, sceneof a weekend snowslide which has now claimed at least nine lives.
Di Stefano is at her best when recounting the dramatic details of snowslides and legal proceedings, and tying these issues into the larger picture of social and cultural developments.
The research is reaping data that engineers can use for designing better protective barriers for areas at high risk of snowslides.
TOUGH TO PREDICT Because scientists are just beginning to understand the varied and complicated phenomena that produce the weak layers of snow that can cause avalanches, there are few models that can help predict when the snowslides may break loose.
They ascend barely discernible trails, crossing piles of rubble from avalanches and snowslides.
The Great Northern Railway line had just been completed to the Pacific coast but was tied up by recurring snowslides an washouts.
Carl Sawyer will fly out on Friday, determined to complete a two-day trek, despite a high risk of further snowslides after 38 people were killed in avalanches last week.
Snowslides killed two people including a policewoman and blocked the Kabul-Bamyan Highway for traffic, officials said on Sunday.
Each year more than one million avalanches, or snowslides, barrel down Earth's mountains.
A German skier was killed by an avalanche in the Austrian province of Tyrol yesterday, taking the weekend toll from snowslides in the Alps to four.
Two snowslides last February, in the region of Galtur, in Tyrol, killed 38 people.