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For selective amplification, we tested 8 fluorescently labeled primer pairs containing the complement to the adaptor sequence plus 3 selective nucleotides on 10 individuals representing the 2 species and the Snowslide Spring population.
On their way back to the Terrible a huge storm blew up and the men heard the horrible roar of a snowslide to their right.
Serve a crowd a warm Snowslide made with Kahlua, Baileys, vodka and milk or cozy up with a delicious sipping Mulled Apple Cider, Winter White Sangria, Cranberry Cornucopia, Mistletoe Mist or nonalcoholic drinks such as Hot Chocolate or Pumpkin Potion No.
The body of another martyred army officer has been unearthed on Wednesday from tonnes of snow in Gayari sector, this latest breakthrough brings the total tally of the martyrs reclaimed from the snowslide so far to seven.
Once you arrive in this wonderful twilight world in northern Finland, we have included a host of seasonal activities for all ages such as children's snowslide, snowmobile ride, a husky dog drive and a ride through the magical winter forest on a sleigh drawn by reindeer.
Passengers said the highway blocked after a big snowslide event at 2:30 pm.
The frozen bodies of the Czech tourists were retrieved from the 3,500- metre Schalfkogel peak one day after witnesses saw the snowslide near the Austrian resort of Soelden.
Several minutes later, a snowslide nearby at the same station buried another skier.
Mathematician Werner Weiglhofer, 40, was walking alone on Bispen mountain 220 miles north of Oslo when he was swallowed up by the snowslide.
Following the main highways and roads of Alaska, this book explores the varied geological formations of the landscape, from Devil's Desk to Snowslide Gulch.
Seventeen bodies were recovered on Mount Everest base camp and 61 were injured when part of the base camp was engulfed by the snowslide, Ang Tshering Sherpa, president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, told Reuters.