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With a snubby, if you pull the trigger and it doesn't go bang, here's your malfunction drill: pull the trigger again.
His nose is snubby and his brow overhung, lending him an impishness crucial to the smile's success; without that edge he would look not happy but stoned.
Then one of them, brandishing a snubby knife, said if I did it again, he'd cut my throat.
for the first time in our lives, with the result that I had to think of my darned Snubby [Blucher's nickname], who's such a good judge of things"--an odd remark, suggesting If Not For Him.
Philip Larkin was stingy with praise and quick to spot a fraud, but after listening to Thomas do a turn one evening, concluded, "Hell of a fine man: little, snubby, hopelessly pissed bloke who made hundreds of cracks and read parodies of everybody in appropriate voices.
She was walking a trail, she was carrying her S&W snubby in her pocket, and a guy walked up to her.
Small guns are great for carry and concealment, but nobody wants to put 600 rounds through a snubby in two days.
And as a snubby load during the late 1970s and early 1980s, it performed well enough to gain a good reputation.
The revolver customer who likes the small-frame snubby .
Very bullish up front and with a snubby nose that hints at the desirable PT Cruiser from Chrysler, it sports the front number plate at a jaunty angle.
Several boring hours later the pilot boat finally appears, snubby and growling, much higher than our own craft.