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Dr Jumma khan Marri also specifically appreciated (in Russian language) Russian International News Sputnik for showing the world true face of so-called Baloch independence movement and exposing Indian involvement and motives through his last night published interview.
In February 1987, Indian authorities declared the founding of so-called Arunachal Pradesh.
After the so-called US-led coalition against the ISIL declared its creation, Iran lashed out at the western states for pursuing a double-standard policy towards campaign against terrorism in various countries.
a session held by the so-called Israeli Civil Administration in the Israeli
The Minister said that there is a civil lawsuit lodged versus the so-called (Ulama Council) demanding the dissolution of this unlawful organisation.
He added that they will go by all lengths to strengthen PPP again, adding that the roots of PPP were stretched to all the four provinces along with Gilgit and Azad Kashmir but the so-called leadership and false decisions confined the party only to Sindh province.
According to teh article, a member of the so-called "Free Syrian Army" command center, located in neighboring Turkey, told the Daily Telegraph that "they have this week received large consignments of ammunition, machine guns and anti-tank missiles.
19 transit bus demonstration, ICRC and the Air Force Advanced Power Technology Office are planning a longer-term demonstration of 10,000 gallons of so-called FT diesel fuel in a transit bus at Edwards.
The US has been accused of flying suspects to other countries for questioning on so-called 'torture flights'.
Ignatieff is just as irresponsible in dealing with so-called "gay rights.
But these renewed threats to veterans disability compensation and other programs don't just come from the so-called SAFE Commission proposal.
However, he is clear that his framework for "thin" or pragmatic Black solidarity is the "solution" to that pesky question of Blacks having solidarity beyond their oppression--the so-called "essentialist" thinking that there is more to Blackness than social construction.