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It relies too much on a standard "then I went there' narrative format, and at times the writing quality is so-so.
We wanted Eto'o and the boss did so-so," said Mourinho.
However, if you haven't tired of that sort of thing in the far superior Attack the Block and the so-so Doctor Who episode Night Terrors, then this is perfect for getting you in the mood for Halloween.
When we won against Bolton, we played so-so," said Mancini.
40PM Katerina Graham stars in this so-so tale of a newlywed couple who struggle to bring their families together for a peaceful Christmas.
This will, I am sure, elevate me from being a so-so photographer to a hot-shot one in the very near future.
Far from "guilting" kids, many parents remain mum, and from that we learn that even a so-so conversation about sex is better than no conversation.
They've warmed to a host of titles that did only so-so business Stateside.
The program was completed with a so-so performance of Lander's Etudes with American Carmen Cavallo, New Zealander Andrew Bowman, and French Jean-Lucien Massot leading the disappointingly muted revels (no Toni Lander, John Gilpin, Flemming Flindt, this present decently adegnate trio
Handling is so-so, don't expect to go hurtling into corners, but the steering is precise and direct and despite its size the vehicle is simplicity to drive.