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Gray water--waste water from kitchens, showers, handwash stands, laundries and vehicle washracks soakage pit--a hole dug in porous soil, filled with small rocks and pebbles, and covered with straw (or grass) and dirt.
Tenders are invited for Special Repair To Bldg No T-200, T-204 Of 691 Fd Coy (Ex-69 Engr Regd) And Bldg No T-135, T-136 T-272 Of 10 Camp Pl Asc, Repair/Maint Of Floor, Path, Plinth Protection, Joinery, Paneling And Repair/Maint Of Sewage Line, Soakage Well, Septic Tank, Et
Tenders are invited for Periodical Services To Certain Buildings At Banbasa Including Sewage Line/Septic Tanks Cleaning And Repairs To Manholes, Septic Tanks, Soakage Wells Including Connected Works At Mil Stn Banbasa Under Ge Mes Pithoragarh
Tenders are invited for Provn Of Septic Tank And Soakage Well In Fiu Chain Link Fencing Of 2 Chanakya Road Offrs Accn And Repair To Drain Footpath Bdy Wall In The Area Of Age Br Ii Under Ge West Lucknow
Tenders are invited for Repair Replacement Drain Hard Standing Tiling Ac Sheets Cleaning Of Septic Tanks Soakage Well Sewage Lines Etc And Connected Items In Beacher Road Sp Road 10Th Garh Under Age Br I Of Ge Dehradun