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According to Thierry Fournier, managing director of G-P France, the company has pioneered the use of its "Dritex" air laid material with SAP for meat soaker tray applications in Europe.
The NERF SUPER SOAKER SHOT BLAST water blaster can drench opponents from up to 25 feet away.
On hand today for the preview of Tsunami Soaker was Olympic Swimmer David Tarwater.
The success of Super Soaker and similar products prove that individual inventors can make very good money indeed on an idea - if they are persistent and wise in their business decisions.
In 2014, Tsunami Soaker will take that interactive experience to a new level.
99), the ultimate in ammo supply, as this powerful soaker gun hooks up to a watertight backpack that holds over 100 ounces of water so shooters hardly will ever have to stop for a refill.
In addition, Hasbro has sued Buzz Bee Toys for its infringement of a NERF SUPER SOAKER water product patent.
Easy to weave through planting rows, flexible soaker hoses are popular low-flow irrigation systems for vegetable and flower gardens.
The NERF SUPER SOAKER brand, an icon of summer from Hasbro, Inc.
Hosing foliage regularly will help keep insect pests down, especially where your sprinkler or soaker systems are likely to keep foliage dry and safe for these pests.
If your gardens, shrubs and landscape are important to you, but you hate to spend a ton of money to keep your greenery thriving, try a soaker hose.
Two Power House Hasbro Brands Combine In 2010 To Deliver The Ultimate In Water Blaster Action With The New NERF SUPER SOAKER Line