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When officers arrived they found Slevin inside, having taken his top off and with his jeans soaking wet.
I'm soaking wet and teary-eyed,'' she said after learning voters supported building a new middle/high school Saturday, 1,414 to 543.
Inevitably it poured with rain, and I shall never forget the sight of two hundred guests dressed in their best - swords and medals included--attempting to eat soaking wet food with their feet in mud.
For long periods this match appeared bogged down in the soaking wet conditions with neither side able to impose themselves.
I was soaking wet from the rain but nothing mattered.
It will make the Molotovs and old tyres soaking wet before the rioters could start throwing and lighting them up.
Bradford Bulls embarrassed the Giants 36-0 last time the two sides met, with the Bulls tactics catching the Giants off guard in soaking wet conditions.
12-13 TRAVEL A soaking wet week in Istanbul can't dampen Sarah O'Meara's enthusiasm for the historic Turkish city.
His clothes were soaking wet clothes and he had no ID.
1 Fox River Socks When the tent's soaking wet and sleep's been restless.
The rewards aren't huge, but in what other job can you go out and get soaking wet and freezing cold first thing in the morning and get kicked into the bargain?
Water orchids around once a week, immersing the container in water for a few minutes before draining it, so that the compost is moist but not soaking wet.