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RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh said: "The caller found the box soaking wet and there were no provisions for the dog inside, so it has been suspected the box may have been thrown out from a vehicle.
is to are This leak is outside an infant's school and parents are getting soaking wet with children.
lt;BA soaking wet Lewis Ross was arrested on a riverbank in Hexham
The game was played in great spirit and this was appreciated by the soaking wet parents and spectators.
I made one big mistake, however: When I laid the squash in the bins and put the lids on in fall, it was apparently humid that day, and when the house cooled and the air dried in winter, the water vapor condensed inside the bins, leaving the squash soaking wet and sitting in a half-inch of water.
I felt like an absurd marshmallow with udders" Actress Kate Winslet after giving birth to her third child "I don't honestly think anyone would be interested in acting tips from me" Veteran 007 star Sir Roger Moore "I am used to being outside in the freezing cold for hours and hours and then being soaking wet and then having to run and then cry.
The 38-year-old singer continued saying that the security grabbed the woman and took her to the guard house, but when he went to see her out of concern, he realised that the woman was soaking wet on a cold day.
One family noticed that I was still soaking wet and offered me a blanket while they dried my clothes and boots.
30am, a man on his way to work flagged me down and told me that there was a man, soaking wet, and walking up and down Bronte Crescent carrying a large cardboard box on his shoulder.
Inevitably it poured with rain, and I shall never forget the sight of two hundred guests dressed in their best - swords and medals included--attempting to eat soaking wet food with their feet in mud.
A boy seemingly half the size of my first singles player and looking as though he weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet, he was bending low and pounding kills with greater velocity and accuracy than I had ever seen from my best player, or any other teenager for many years.
For long periods this match appeared bogged down in the soaking wet conditions with neither side able to impose themselves.