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Royal Curry made an aggressive start through Akhtar (25) and Ameen (44), but some tight bowling and fielding by the Soaks led to them being restricted to 127 all out - Moorhouse taking three for 29 and Ali two for 13.
In the bad old days of California Pinot Noir, nobody did cold soaks.
COUNTRYSIDE: This is in response to the person in March/April 2008 who put undiluted bleach on his chigger bite and a word of caution to those who soak their false teeth in bleach overnight.
What he came up with instead were applications that utilized Biodac's ability to soak up liquids like a sponge.
An acre of real trees can snag only 10 tons, but the panels of a fake tree can soak up to 90,000 tons a year.
It's called the Aromatherapy Spa Collection and the candles, tub soaks and facials are heavy on the lavender, peppermint and jasmine, priced from $6 to $12.
Along with massage and aromatherapy, bathtub soaks help you fight mental wear and tear.
A low viscosity slurry contains more water than a higher viscosity slurry and thus, more water soaks into the previously dry coats and to a greater depth.
Welcome to today's bridal shower, where the bride and her friends are pampered with an at home Spa Experience complete with facials, salt scrubs and foot soaks.
LIAM Rothery hit a six off the last ball to win the Waterfront Insurance Evening Cricket League Emmerson Cup final for Golcar Soaks.
It features a bright three-color (red, green and amber), nine-segment LED display, high-accuracy inputs and outputs, full auto-tune PID with fuzzy Logic Adaptive Control, up to 99 chainable ramp soak programs with 16 ramps and soaks including ramp/soak events, and built-in excitation firmware selectable at 5, 10, 12 and 24 V.
As an environment becomes inhabited, therefore, less precipitation soaks into the ground and runoff increases.