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16), to find some meaning that incorporates clay, blood, and awareness of spirit and to open the soberer eye that has watched over mortality.
For the Russian resurrection, we also need a national self-education that includes as a practical conclusion a sounder, soberer and--let me add--more honest attitude toward the issue of the development of productive forces.
Dorothy Osborne, for example, wrote to Sir William Temple, after having read Margaret Cavendish's Philosophical Fancies (1653), that "there were many soberer People in Bedlam.
In the same year, the Chairman of Ebbw Vale lamented that the attitude of labor "grows worse day by day" and thought that, unless labor leaders learned "a soberer, clearer and saner view", Bolshevism would take industry "down into the nethermost pit" [Economist, 1919, pp.
Wounded early doors, the target fought back as adrenalin rushed through his body - an instant soberer.
Get to bed a little earlier, and soberer, to make the most of this intuitive transit.
They gathered followers," the narrator tells us, "from all that giddy tribe, whose whole life is like the festal days of soberer men.
Thesping is uniformly fine, with standout work from the arresting Gay, Yildiz as the cabbie with a huge heart, and the exquisite comic interplay between rumpled Magyar comic Soberer and the Clouseau-like de Lira.