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It seems easiest to argue that the "serious moralizing element" in the tale of Aristomenes, as later in that of Thelyphron, does work in its lesson, but it is a soberingly negative one.
But, more soberingly, the same findings showed that the level is still running at 2.
The committee's historical research is soberingly placed in the context of secrecy.
Despite a soberingly critical premise, Failed Revolutions begins on a rather splendidly dissonant and quixotic note, with both a dedication to "the many gallant activists, lawyers and nonlawyers alike, who have struggled over the years against great odds to bring about a more just society," and a frontispiece quotation from Robert F.
Most soberingly, or most excitingly, the game may foreshadow a new economic system.
the Apostle Paul soberingly asked the reveling citizens of Corinth.
But Oliver's description of immersion here is more soberingly suggestive than was "The Sea," and closer in tone to Bishop's ambivalence.
The very freedom of their imagination was anathema to the Stalinists, and the campaign to exterminate their energy was soberingly successful.
But when names are repeatedly asked to write large checks to make up for underwriting losses, the reality of unlimited liability becomes soberingly apparent.
Evidence of Love (1960) is a soberingly ironic investigation of the social and psychological pressures in an interracial love affair.
It is also important to add that in places like Ethiopia, soberingly basic problems inhibit the growth of the industry.