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All the chapters offer intelligent, learned, and soberly urgent reflection on "the intellectual and moral foundations of civic life" in America.
Credit certainly belongs to director Joe Berlinger (of the "Paradise Lost" trilogy), but also to Simon, seen soberly reflecting on the extent to which his influential fusion of American and South African pop, recorded partly in Johannesburg under apartheid, may stand as a particularly problematic example of cultural appropriation.
Even if the 36-year-old had to turn up to support her at an awards ceremony, he would leave before the celebrations got going at the after-party - and then fetch her, sullenly and soberly, at its conclusion.
5 goals can be backed at 10-11 and under at evens, which suggests the market has been framed soberly but correctly.
Scepticism that the countries of the Western Balkans could ever get their act together and orientate themselves, maturely and soberly, to the good-neighbourly relations required for their European Union prospects may also arise from the dreary and destructive Macedonia name dispute.
This being an April revival of a 2005 Opera de Marseille production of Don Giovanni using the same director, scenery and costumes, Frederic Belier-Garcia's efficient and soberly classical direction held no surprises.
aWe need to soberly analyze the future of nuclear energy.
Razan very clearly and soberly is narrating a film story from her imagination and in which she describes her lover completely naked and begins talking about a sexual encounter in complete details.
Soberly dressed in a dark grey suit, white shirt and a spotted tie, he stood impassively as the charge was read out.
But Insider can soberly report that acts at the Topshop Bandstand event this Saturday in Stanley Park will not be touching a drop.
We'll go back to Durban now and analyse what went wrong factually and soberly and try and improve for our next game [against Nigeria].
Most of the survivors were in a stable condition, and could talk soberly,