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Janie, tiny on her side of the seat, soberness fast overtaking her, and how she hated to go sober when she was still awake, and this in the worst of circumstances.
I was fascinated by the soberness and sincerity of the people here.
The Struggle in Grenada," his editorial on Grenada, conveys sadness and a soberness not found in the other editorials and essays collected in this volume.
The design language in Europe is characterized by soberness and quality, which translates into colors in the portfolio which are balanced and detailed yet bold.
Nor is there any attempt to coax or cajole people into soberness by concerts, speeches or hymns.
Dialogue, then, uses logos with freedom, discrimination and soberness and is therefore a tool of reconstruction, conciliation and bridge-building.
His text and phone exchanges with Spencer propel the plots of both books -- and lend an underlying soberness to the funny elements of Staunton's tale.
Among the recent films a good reconstruction of the period can be found in the "historical prologue" to Renato De Maria's La prima linea (2009) and in Marco Tullio Giordana's Romanzo di una strage (2012), whose soberness is, in contrast, sorely missed in Michele Placido's II grande sogno (2009).
My one reservation is the soberness in relation to a genre that, from its inception, is meant to be taken (no pun intended) as tongue-in-cheek.
This series has been all the better for letting some serious moments trickle into the comedy - like those little flashes of soberness you get when you're drunk - and there's an unexpected outbreak of what can only be described as kindness in tonight's episode.
This is Jesus' appeal for simplicity, moderation, and soberness of life.