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She reached the milestone on her ongoing sobriety journey on March 14.
As he began his newfound sobriety, he finally understood that getting clean had to work because it was no longer a choice of whether or not to get high; it was a choice of life and death.
Sobriety does not begin and end with abstinence from drugs and alcohol, although doing so is very important.
We believe that sobriety and respect for the law and its processes are the best way forward for all parties concerned," he said.
He was, however, asked to take a field sobriety test, which he declined to do.
1 believe this "questioning phase" in long-term sobriety represents a stage of recovery, and I don't find much written about it.
of Maryland) explains in the introduction that in this study he considers multiple meanings of "sobriety," stating that "One can define Romanticism by its sobriety, but one can also demonstrate one's sobriety by judiciously abstaining from all that Romanticism offers.
Field sobriety tests conducted at the scene show the woman to be extremely intoxicated, and she is taken into custody.
Summary: Christina Aguilera has been released from jail after passing a sobriety test.
Supreme Court upheld sobriety checkpoints three years later - and it is questionable now, when for purposes of public safety millions of air travelers submit to baggage checks despite state and federal privacy protections.
The StepUP Program includes alcohol and other drug-free housing, a minimum sobriety requirement, weekly individual meetings with staff, a contract calling for standards of behavior, and weekly peer-led community meetings.
Cook said: "Zoe and I both gave up drinking so this baby is a present of our sobriety.