social adjustment

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Only through education that provides for immersion in society can the skills critical for social adjustment be successfully identified and taught.
The boom-town character of industrialization, urbanization, and proletarianization demands that cultural ways of life, usually religious, provide strategies for new personal meaning, social adjustment, and political struggle.
USA], June 17 (ANI): Dear parents, you may have to stop favouring your child in every situation, as according to a study, mothers supporting their child's negative emotions may impact their social adjustment and social interaction in school.
Cultural Orientation services address social adjustment factors such as understanding American customs, practices and responsibilities to include issues pertaining to housing, health, education, community, transportation and the workplace.
2000) Social adjustment, Expectation and Life satisfaction of the aged widows.
What predicts college men's academic and social adjustment in the transition to college?
In the school, setting peer social adjustment has been associated with a good climate of cooperation and learning (Gifford-Smith & Brownell, 2003; Hamm & Faircloth, 2005; Hartup, 2005), lower risk of bullying and cyberbullying (Casas, Del Rey & OrtegaRuiz, 2013), as well as of factors related to substance use, social anxiety, depression and suicide (McGloin, Sullivan, & Thomas, 2014; Smithyman, Fyreman, & Asher, 2014).
Welcoming the new faculty, QU Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer Dr Humaid al-Midfaa said: "This important event shows the HR Department's commitment to advancing the university's mission by providing employees with the opportunities and services that contribute to enhancing their introduction to the organisation and their cultural and social adjustment into the country.
Emotional adjustment includes recognition the positive and negative feelings and sentiments in one's self and controlling feelings regarding one's self of others [6]; meanwhile, social adjustment might mean adjustment to the social needs, observation of the social rules and principles and efficiency in social contacts, and in this regard, it includes educational adjustment, interest in studying and school [7].
Present research investigated the relationship between parental acceptance-rejection and social adjustment in congenitally amputee children.
Work and social adjustment scale consists of 5 sections like ability to work, home management, social leisure activities, private leisure activities and close relationship with others.

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