social adjustment

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KARACHI -- There are two million people in Karachi suffering from mental, emotional, intellectual or social adjustment disorders, says a senior psychiatrist.
Democracy, Human Rights and Governance in the Gambia: Essays on Social Adjustment
The goal was to examine whether boys' characteristics in childhood and adolescence predicted their subsequent school performance, their work, and social adjustment.
The MAQ includes the following areas: sexual adjustment, social adjustment and emotional adjustment.
Work and social adjustment scale consists of 5 sections like ability to work, home management, social leisure activities, private leisure activities and close relationship with others.
Keywords: academic adjustment, first year students, homesickness, psychological adjustment, social adjustment, university support
Tenders are invited for qualified applicant agencies, proposals designed to increase the employability of eligible refugees in county by providing employment, training, and social adjustment and acculturation services, which, through job placement, will result in early economic self-sufficiency and reduced dependency on public assistance.
The purpose of this quantitative study was to identify demographic variables and community college experiences that influence the academic and social adjustment process of adult vertical transfer students at the university.
The measure examines university adjustment in four dimensions: academic adjustment, social adjustment, personal-emotional adjustment and institutional attachment.
The officials of the Shafallah Centre took the visitors on a tour of several departments and units that offer behaviour analysis services, evaluation and diagnosis, social services, and counselling to students and their parents in order to strengthen the learning process for students as well as assist them and their families with psychosocial and social adjustment.
These include the family's finances, the emotional environment in the home, whether parents set a good example, stressful events (such as divorce, moves or death of a family member) and parental concerns about the child's social adjustment. Using these criteria, they calculated a stress score.
"It is proven that children who attend early-learning programs demonstrate higher levels of school achievement and better social adjustment. Also, they're less likely to repeat a grade and are more likely to graduate from high school."

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