social behavior

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Cooperation among individuals lies at the heart of social behavior in both microbes and animals visible to the naked eye, according to Crespi.
Consequently, an observational assessment of social behavior in the school provides a contemporary and meaningful supplement to assessments from rehabilitation personnel.
Because different species have different social systems, observers must anticipate great variations in social behavior.
Researchers have documented links between complex behaviors--such as mating and avoiding predators--but this may be the first example of a physical activity influencing social behavior, she says.
Boinski's three-way species comparison also suggests that the time has come to revamp an influential model of primate social behavior.
As far as we are aware, Shoemaker and Ross are the first to demonstrate that social behavior influences sympatric speciation," assert Ross H.
As pressures increase both to express and to inhibit a social behavior, such as helping someone with a tedious task, several drinks of liquor break down the inhibiting thoughts and generate more responses of a greater intensity, reports Steele in the January JOURNAL OF PERSONALITY AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY.

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