social behavior

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The study of social behavior in bacteria has taken off in the last 3 or 4 years," says behavioral ecologist Ashleigh S.
Queller of Rice University in Houston holds that group selection exerts a lesser influence on social behavior and evolution of microorganisms than kin selection does.
In this regard, the antecedents and consequences of problematic, inappropriate social behavior become the targets of therapeutic intervention.
In this manner, the observational assessment of social behavior in the classroom looks at factors within the student's environment that contribute to the challenging behaviors (Haynes & O'Brian, 2000).
When it comes to social behavior, Smuts says that, so far, capuchins seem to be showing the greatest creativity among nonhuman primates.
Beyond descriptions of basic female-male relationships, more than 30 years of captive studies offer fragmented, often distorted, interpretations of squirrel monkey social behavior," asserts Boinski.
Shoemaker and Ross studied differences in the social behavior and genetic makeup of two populations of fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) in northern Georgia.

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