social climber

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I think he's as much a social climber as we all are, "he offers.
Spiritual backpacker, tireless social climber, temporary hermit and failed ambassador, he braved brigands, blisters and his own prejudices.
Everyone--from a small-town social climber (Dan Aykroyd), to an icy agent (Thomas Gibson of Dharma and Greg and Arcand's own Love and Human Remains), to a pretentious photographer (Charles Berling), to a hypocritical diplomat (Frank Langella echoing his role in the Lolita remake)--has a shtick.
in Foster 128), it revealed what Halttunen describes as a deep-rooted fear of many middle-class Ame ricans that any "vulgar boor" could suddenly "rip the fragile mask of the manner from the genteel performer and expose the would-be social climber in all his or her own underlying vulgarity" (116).
For three hours we watch Stanley destroy his life and the lives of others, leaving a devoted and delightful wife, Hilda (Deborah Findlay), so he can marry Patricia (Anna Chancellor), a lesbian social climber who also hangs on to her long-suffering lover, Dorothy (Selina Cadell).
A social climber, the title character is ashamed of her unsuccessful family.
The flip side of this is the social climber, who drops you like a hot potato the minute someone with more clout comes along.
Only a few days after the Harry and Meghan lurve connection was revealed, her halfsister has already sold her out, claiming she's narcissistic, selfish, a ruthless social climber and didn't help out her family members when they were in financial difficulties.
15) could be between Beechmount Whisper and Social Climber, while Kodiac's Back can follow up his Limerick win in the 1m handicap (4.
Shunned by family, Carole Middleton's god-daughter, Joanne Callen, accused her of being a social climber and "has become too grand to care" for her family.
Dafydd and Elsabeth Puw were Welsh - the former a diehard Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg defender in his youth, the latter a determined social climber.
Meanwhile, Garner vamps it up as the ambitious social climber whose bullying father (Nick Nolte) doesn''t blink twice when Arthur accidentally shoots him with a nail gun.