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"Gentle" is always a slur intended to make fun of Shakespeare's social climbing, and any seemingly obvious compliments are really derogatory.
It takes years of dedicated social climbing to get in."
It is not a pretty picture but rather a devastating portrait of social climbing, venality, and deceit.
A portrait of the Lost Generation, the novel addresses Fitzgerald's later theme of love distorted by social climbing and greed.
Stephen Ward, who was convicted post-mortem of pimping but was guilty mostly of social climbing. A fine cast -too bad they have so little to work with by way of characters.
His fiction includes, among many others, The Shaving of Shagpat (1855), an Oriental fantasy; The Ordeal of Richard Feverel, the partly autobiographical tragedy of an educational theory mistakenly applied; Evan Harrington (1860), a romance of social climbing; Rhoda Fleming (1865), a rural melodrama; The Egoist, a biting study of selfishness; Diana of the Crossways (1885); Lord Ormont and His Aminta (1894); The Amazing Marriage (1895); and an unfinished novel, Celt and Saxon (1910).
And social climbing gets no higher than an invitation from the Queen to make a state visit.
"Anyone or anything that may not give her what she wants or gets in the way of her social climbing self-advancement gets discarded," he told the same paper.
"The Academy probably thinks I am enough of a spineless, social climbing actress that I would forget that I have been married for the past 29 years to one of the world's greatest directors," she said, denouncing what she called "insufferable hypocrisy."
The society circle that I partly cover in this column is really quite fun, just like the old times, in 1972, when the Conde de Makati openly made fun of social climbing.
10 Who played social climbing shop assistant Arthur Kipps in the 1967 film Half a Sixpence?
"B calls Kim a 'scandalous social climbing wh*re' behind her back," according to the source.